Skyros Travel & Tourism
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Skyros Travel & Tourism

Since 1986 we have promoted incoming tourism in Skyros, and we have cooperated with travel agencies from the Netherlands, France, Switzerland UK and Austria.
Our office is located in the middle of Skyros Forum, just 100 metres on the right, after the National Bank of Greece.
We also have presence in Magazia (Traffic Lights) and In Acherounes village (Pegasus Studios), next to Linaria Port.
We are sure if you contact to our email or phone, and inform us, for what are you interested in general, or especially for Skyros, we will be back to you very soon with pleasure.
With a constant yearly increase, our agency has not only been able to contribute to the island’s economy but has also transformed Skyros from an obscure island to a significant destination in the Greek Tourism Market.
Lefteris Trakos, the founder and his staff are looking forward to meet you and greet you in Skyros Island.

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