Welcome to Value Quests!

Through these pages we want to offer you the Services your business is looking for, Comprehensive Recruiting Services and last but not least the employees who deserve to be part of your workforce!

How it works

Our company undertakes the finding of the ideal employees for your business, easily and effectively.

Step 1
First we invite you to fill out an easy form with all the information we need to know about the Employees you are looking for, the responsibilities they will undertake and the remuneration they will be entitled to. With this Employee profile, our experienced Team creates the right ad that will generate the right interests, but also advertise the company and your investment in Human Resources. Then the promotion of this ad begins, with the aim of having the most views, and therefore the most resumes.

We advertise your ad: 

  1. at skywalker.gr
  2. at xe.gr
  3. At all social networks with the hashtag #job.

Step 2

If you wish, and after your permission, we have space on our website under the address: valuequests.gr/yourname, which is specially designed for your business with:

  • your logo
  • photos you choose from your site or your social networks
  • information about your business
  •  links to your ad posts

In this way, those interested in looking for work through our website, will see your company displayed, receive the information they are looking for about you and be informed about the current positions that you announce. 

Please keep in mind:
These days, stakeholders don’t trust easily and try to provide as little information as possible. Your proper promotion made by us and your cooperation with our company, adds confidence to the candidates and the number of the resumes increases. We strongly recommend you not to skip this step.

Of course we don’t stop here!
As you have seen, our website has a section of Employees, where anyone can declare their skills and the specialties. In this way, our company adds a significant number of ready interested parties of almost any specialty, increases the number of resumes and thus the chances of an ideal choice!

Step 3

In these ways, from the very first day we start receiving resumes. 
An experienced member of our Team, after speaking with you personally and taking under consideration additional information about you, he/she:

  • answers our ad’s landline 12 hours a day, providing information but also gathering interested employees who may not have a resume
  • evaluates CVs according to your indications
  • conducts a telephone or tele-meeting interview with the interested parties, in order to fill in any missing information, obtain additional information, clarify points, emphasize what you wish the candidate to know before he/she meets you, if eventually you decide it.
  • forwards you all the resumes with comments to help you choose
  • according to your suggestion, calls back any candidates you choose to see and schedules meetings according to your schedule
  • visits you, if you wish and if this is possible, to help you in the meetings with the candidates

Our above services are offered to you for a period that has been pre-agreed between us. Nevertheless, if from the very first day you find the right candidate and you think that he is the ideal for the position you are offering, do not delay the agreement with him. Our services will continue to run for you for as long as we have agreed, adding interests and candidates for this or future positions in your business, giving you the confidence that an unfortunate choice won’t cost you extra time or money.

With 3 simple steps, the Ideal Employee becomes an Executive of your Company!

No matter how difficult it is to find him/her, the proper promotion and the professional management our executives do, offer the result you desire!

Choose the financial package of our Offer that suits you.

TradeDesk Team since 2010, offers high level Hr Recruiting Services, for many companies around the world!