Welcome to Value Quests!

A Unique Staffing Tool!
Value Quests brings together Employees and Businesses,
aiming for the Perfect Match!

What it is:
As you may have noticed, this website is divided into two parts, the Employee entrance and the Business entrance.
So Employees register and create a personal profile on our website. There they upload a photo if they wish, state their specialty, the categories of work they wish to offer and a little about themselves. So at a glance, the Employer contacts them by email if they wish, suggesting the position they want to fill.

Value Quests is therefore a matching application, which matches the work interests that the Employees have declared, with the personnel needs that the Businesses would like to meet.

How does it work:

Businesses looking for staff can see at a glance the job categories and how many employee specialties are currently registered in each. From the moment they proceed in cooperation with our company, we offer them the possibility of using these registrations, so that they can immediately cover their needs if possible!

More specifically:

  • You can choose a complete HR service. We will undertake to contact registered users, tell them about the position you are applying to fill and ask them for their CVs or
  • Choose to use the app yourself to contact our users directly by email to request their resume
This is how we perfectly match the interests and needs of Employees and Employers, saving both time and money!
“Matching” works perfectly in many other areas (dating, real estate, etc.), why not at work?
You no longer need to resort to advertisements on various sites of dubious effect!

With the Value Quests application you know at any moment how many Employees of the specialty you are interested in are looking for work today and you can contact them directly!!!
The Unique Online Employer & Employee Matching Tool!!!
See in real time how many Employees have registered in each category